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"Having some challenging feelings?

The other day I had an unbelievably supportive session with Ryan Robert Heart, whose superpower is exquisite LISTENING to where I'm at and inviting me to go a layer deeper. He does such an amazing job of acknowledging the pain of what I'm going through and showing me the next edge of opportunity for healing, constantly holding me with the most beautiful, compassionate love.

His sessions are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for you sensitive souls out there that need some wise loving presence."

-Leslie Grace, Conscious Sexuality and Intimacy Guide, Lesliegracetantra.com


"To listen, deeply and without judgment, is something of a lost art in today's world. The inverse effect being that we are never truly heard, never truly witnessed. The cost of this is a deep rooted longing to be seen, and simultaneously a burying of many elements and aspects of ourselves that are considered too ugly, too fierce, or too wild for modern society. This is the shadow self- the bits and pieces we hide away, or outright banish, and refuse to take ownership of. Oftentimes these bits come out unannounced under stress, and wreak havoc in our personal lives. It has always been the path of certain individuals to help facilitate healing by calling forth these pieces of ourselves so that they can be reclaimed, and reintegrated. So we can see them for the allies they are, rather than the enemies our cultural programming has made them. Heart is one such healer, and the way that he helps to unwind this programming is by providing what has been missing in the first place- he listens. Through his compassionate presence you suddenly find that instead of someone just waiting for their turn to reply, you have unlimited space to fully express yourself, and a sort of unraveling starts to occur down to the root. He provided me with with a container in which I was empowered to heal myself. I walked through his door feeling stressed and unsure of myself and seeking clarity. I walked out feeling present, grounded, and like a part of me had come back home to myself."

– Gabrielle Sisson

"My session with Heart completely transformed the challenging energy I was experiencing into pure Love in a way that left me feeling more empowered than ever to transmute these types of energies on my own. He saw deep into my soul, energy field, and psyche, and in doing so, helped me presence my own magic and loving intentions in the face of the discomfort I was feeling, both physically and emotionally. I found myself feeling complete trust in him during the session and was inspired to confide deeply in him in ways I don't always feel compelled, which allowed for an even more profound healing. I went into the session feeling pain and heaviness and left feeling great, light and loving. In my opinion a true medicine person can create the space for complete healing in the moment in one session, and Heart is clearly the real deal."

– Eleanor Tara, VisionaryReadings.com

"I received everything I wanted: listening, compassion, understanding and clarity. I've never trusted someone so much to provide these things to me. I felt a lot lighter and less stressed afterwards."

          – David Langer, CEO


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