The Expressions of Heart

     This is a place where you will find my expressions of artistic and contemplative creations. I admire the beauty and power of words – you may see this in my essays and poems. I am a lover of nature and the essence of existence – you may see this in my photography and the quality of my thoughts. I am also a lover of all that you are – a truth I pray you will come to know, one way or another.

Life itself is art,

Every movement an expression

Of spontaneous creation.


Life itself is art,

The surrounding soundscape 

Arising from here to ear.


Nothing you do is not an art,

Bringing fork to mouth

And breathing in and out.


You are art,

Notice the intricacies

Of the web you weave.


Nothing you do is not an art,

Life itself is art








With the eyes of the heart

Witness the beauty

That is your art.