A Message from the Whales

I speak for the whales of all kinds that live in the Oceans of all kinds… 


Blessings to the Council of All Beings,


           We speak from the depths of the world. Our hearts are big and strong, our brains are large and intelligent. We know the currents and rhythms of the water. We love the stars above and the shifting moon. The air above is as precious to us as the water below.

            We call to you, the Council of All Beings, in hopes that the transition of Earth in this age can support us all into the next stage of our evolution. With immense care for all beings, we pray for well-being, for consideration, for care, for love, and for compassion.

            Our ears are in pain, our bodies in shock. The blasting noises occurring in the Ocean depths are incredibly disturbing to us sensitive beings of life that call the Ocean home. Please stop. We have no desire other than to be part of the community of allies that call Earth home. In order to join in mutual care for Mother Earth, we need your respect. Humans, this is especially important for you to hear, for it seems you are the ones who have forgotten the sacred interconnection of all of life. We are not your enemies, nor are we mere resources for you to plunder. Take into consideration that we all share life and intelligence. We all feel pain, suffering, joy, happiness. This land, this water, is not yours. It is ours. And beyond even that, it is a gift that is continuously given to us all for life to grow. However, if you continue to do as you are doing, in the forgetting of your forgetting, the gift that is given freely and received without gratitude will spoil as reciprocity falls into disregard. Wake up to where you have come from and where you will return to. You are hurting yourself and in so doing you are hurting us all.

            We go to the depths of the Ocean, we see what you have thrown to the bottom. We go to the surface, we see what you have left to float. This is not respect. It will be hard for the Ocean to respect you in return. She is not one to upset, for she controls the weather of Gaia. Notice as you spoil the gifts of her Seas how natural disasters increase. She is speaking to you with great ferocity. Heed her call to attention. Not doing so will certainly doom us all.

            Humans, open your eyes and hearts, ears and skin to the greater world around you. This world is not your enemy but your companion. Fight and exploit your companion and you will be left lonely and bereft in your journeys, if you survive at all. The time has come for you to acknowledge the pain of the world. Since you are inextricably linked to the well-being of the world, you have direct access to the world’s pain. Turn toward it. Feel it. Let it ripen your hearts. We need you to feel our pain. Our pain is none other than your pain. Pushing it away, ignoring it, putting small band aids on it will only allow the pain and suffering, the destruction of our world body to continue. Continue this way and soon, the body will collapse. There will come a point when the pain of the world is undeniably present and, like a tidal wave, it will take you. Do not wait for this moment. By feeling it now, you lessen the power of the suffering that it can cause.

            Council of All Beings, we must join together to awaken the human beings of Earth. This is our collective mission at this time. Our Earth village is sick. We must address this sickness now so that it ceases to spread. We need all of us to do so. Sing your songs of truth and love. Dance your movements of awakening. Every creature, every element and form is needed for this task. This is the great work of our time. Awakening the humans, helping the humans to remember, is for more than just this one species. Doing so will help us all to awaken and return to greater well-being. Awaken the humans, awaken the world. Mother Earth, Sun, Planets, and Stars above, help us now in this time of dire need. Now is the time. We cannot wait.


From the depths of Love,

Whales of All Kinds