The Spirit of the Gift

Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, “You owe Me.”
Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky.
— Hafez
Below is a list of things I would love to receive from you. Please follow your heart and give from the joy and appreciation that springs therein.


This is the most versatile gift you can offer me. It helps me take care of a diversity of financial needs – everything from car insurance and travel expenses to rent money and food.
You can PayPal me at




Food is a basic need and I would love to receive it from you. I prefer to eat organic local food that is vegan friendly (I eat eggs). I also love home cooked meals.

A low priced or free place to live would be an incredibly appreciated gift.

I like simple and comfortable clothing made with natural fibers. I also have some clothes that are in need of repair, so if you are skilled with sowing and clothing repair, I would love your help. 

Italian Lessons

Driving Lessons (Standard)

Marketing Help

Dance Passes




Festivals and

your Expertise and Joy

Electric Bike

A Car

Tiny House
Piece of Land

Something Else


Parli Italiano? Voglio tuo aiuto! I’m currently learning Italian and would love to have a teacher or a practice buddy.

I want to learn how to drive a stick shift. I have the basic theory, I just need practice. Would you be willing to help me?

I’m not super enthusiastic or skilled with marketing and making myself known to a wider audience. If you are skilled with this and/or just love to do it, I would love your support in helping me grow my offerings so that I receive more clients, can support more people, and do more of what I really love!

I love to dance! If you are a dance facilitator I would love to come to your dance for free!

I appreciate bodywork, energywork and other healing modalities. I have a tendency to store stress in my body in the form of tension, but I just love to relax, so anything that helps me do that is very welcome!

I’m always interested in experiencing different ways that people work with others in the areas of coaching, counseling, and therapy. And, I’m often needing support with something in my life.

Workshops, retreats, and trainings are some of my favorite ways of growing, learning, awakening, and augmenting my skills. This is an great way to support me and the work that I love to do.

I enjoy attending festivals and gatherings, both as participant and facilitator. I welcome your invitations!

We all have things that we are great at and things that we just love to do. Lucky for us, we’re all different. It’s great to draw upon the diverse offerings and specialties of community. I can’t do it all nor learn it all, but thanks to you, I don’t need to! You may have knowledge and skills that are just what I need.

I love to bike. It is so much better for our environment and I would really love to do it more. If I had an electric bike that could help me go longer distances with ease and speed, I would be able to drive less.

I’m looking for an eco-friendly car. My dream is to have a Tesla. I would also be happy to have a car that is very efficient on gas (electric or hybrid is a plus).

It would be nice to have a place to call my own. I’m open to sharing with the right person. Community is very important to me, and so is solitude.

I’m open to your ideas. Perhaps you know of something else I need or want, or you have an intuition that something is for me, or you would just love to give me something I haven’t mentioned. Let me know, it might be just the right thing I didn’t know to ask for.