The key to your healing is you.


No one knows you better than you know yourself.

The core of what I offer is simple. I...

Listen, Love, and Enjoy...


And I invite you to do the same – for yourself.


What Might happen in a co-created session?

Deep Listening Transformation through attention and love

The power of listening is often underestimated. I have found that when a person receives deep and full listening it is possible for a great healing to occur. Deep Listening is about creating a space where you feel seen and heard, loved and accepted, as well as gently encouraged to show more of yourself.

Shadow Work – Shining the light of awareness on the unconscious

By looking at our shadow (the unconscious) we come to know ourselves better. We must know our own darkness in order to bring forth our light. I create a safe space for you to journey into the depths of your consciousness to discover what is at the root of your discomfort, fear, and self-destructive patterns. By shining the light of your awareness on that which you were previously unable or unwilling to see, you give yourself the opportunity to make different choices in your life – conscious choices.

Magic – Welcoming the imagination into creation

Your imagination is an incredible resource for healing. I invite your imagination to create new possibilities and perspectives that can shift your experience of life. The power of imagination that you see in children is still alive in you! Wake up your inner child and re-imagine a life for yourself that is more harmonious, more joyful, and more fun. This... is magic.

Reflection – Showing you the mirror of yourself

The truth is that you are the only one that knows what you need and you are the only one with the power to heal yourself. However, we can't always see clearly enough to access this wisdom unless we have enough space between us and whatever the issue may be. This is where reflection comes in. A mirror is provided so that you can better see yourself. Honest reflection brings validation and empowerment by reminding you of your own wisdom.

The Unknown – The Great Mystery unfolding

Leaving room for the unknown is an important part of co-creative healing because it allows for the better-than-imagined to blossom into existence. I never know what will happen in any given session. The mystery of this is scary and beautiful at the same time. And, this approach mirrors the way life itself unfolds. No one can truly know what is beyond the horizon of the present moment. This allows us the opportunity to build trust in the great flow of the living mystery that is our own life.


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